Bougie family offers $100,000 for vacation photographer


Photographer wanted: Must love shooting privileged lifestyles, long-term international travel and feeling financially inferior.

A wealthy family in the UK is offering £80,000 — approximately $100,000 — plus food and lodging to a shutterbug willing to trot the globe with them and document their lavish journey. The jet-set job listing comes from Perfocal, a website where photographers can score paid gigs.

“We need someone to travel around the world with us and take photos,” the anonymous poster writes. “There’s potential to be away for up to three months at a time, and we’ll be visiting places in Europe, America, South America, and Australia where we own a number of holiday homes and other residences.”

High-dollar stops during their year-long jaunt include “the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco and Abu Dhabi, diving in the Maldives, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, as well as skiing in Val d’Isere.”

The family embarks February 2019. The right photog will be willing to work about 10 hours per day, with paid sick leave and 30 days vacation. And they’ll need to travel at a moment’s notice with potentially just a few days rest between.

Before everyone quits their jobs and buys professional camera equipment, know that potential hires must have five years experience in lifestyle photography and will be background checked. They’ll also be subject to a weekend-long interview to gauge “chemistry” with the family.

And, if all goes swimmingly, the coveted position could become a lifetime appointment.

“The position is for 12 months,” reads the listing. “However, should the candidate fit in, there is an opportunity for an extension.”