Celebrity Big Brother recap: As a new HoH steps up, uncertainty is everywhere


The house is wondering what the next big moves are gonna be now that Ryan Lochte, the big fish in the Big Brother pond, is gone. Joey, sensing that he’ll be the next target, meets with Kato after the eviction and tells him that he’ll have to break up some of the other alliances before they start cannibalizing each other.

Lolo is in tears about having to evict her fellow Olympic compadre, telling Natalie that she feels like a traitor because of how Ryan stuck by her during her athletic setbacks. Ultimately, Lolo stands by her vote, telling the diary room that Ryan left her out to dry. Joey goes and makes his pitch to Dina, Tamar, and Kandi about going after the foursome of Tom, Kato, Lolo, and Natalie. In the diary room, Tamar says she’s not falling for it: “You wanna have an alliance with you, me, Kandi (who don’t like to do nothing physical) and Dina? Against the bootleg superhero? No, that’s not finna work, we’re gonna lose!” Lolo and Natalie meet in the game/tweet room and are set on winning HoH, believing that no one else in the house besides Dina and Joey see them as targets. Kandi and Ricky join in and he, being the chaos agent that he is, immediately fills them in on Joey saying that they’re far too comfortable in the game. Neither are amused and Natalie tells the diary room Joey is for sure going home if she wins HoH.