Celine Dion responds to body-shamers concerned over her slimmer figure: ‘Leave me alone’


Celine Dion is shaking off fans’ concerns over her slimmer figure.

The iconic singer, 50, revealed that she found a “second wind” at life through fashion and friends following the 2016 death of her husband, Rene Angelil. But, it’s Dion’s shape, not haute couture, that has caught the attention of some social media users who deemed her “too skinny.”

“Fantastic my dear as usual,” user @OBNUJOSH1 replied to a picture of Dion, who is currently in Europe for Paris Fashion Week. “But I’m a little worried bout’ your health, sometimes you look too… skinny and weak. And tired. ¿Are you ok, hunny?”

Dion’s latest high-fashion looks have evoked many more body-shamming comments. Social media users said everything from “I have never seen her so skinny,” to “you look anorexic” to “please eat a hamburger. You don’t look healthy at all my dear.”

Regardless of the criticism and concern, Dion told Dan Wootton that her new look is entirely for herself: “I’m doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine, fierce and sexy.”

“It’s always been a part of me … And I’m 50 years old, it’s not to try to take chances, it’s what I want to wear … I want to do whatever I choose to be,” she said during an interview on The Dan Wootton podcast. “I have an opportunity to wear haute couture and the things that makes me feel beautiful, strong, fearless, feminine, attractive.”