Christine Quinn corralling NY Democrats for Nancy Pelosi speaker bid


WASHINGTON —- Christine Quinn, vice chair of the state Democratic Committee, is trying to whip any stragglers in New York’s congressional delegation into line behind Nancy Pelosi’s bid for reelection as Speaker of the House, The Post has learned.

Quinn is particularly targeting Rep. Kathleen Rice, who is among the 32 Democrats to vote against Pelosi at the caucus level. Quinn has sent a letter to Dems in Rice’s Long Island congressional district, asking them to pressure her into voting for Pelosi.

“It’s imperative for everything we believe in, that Congresswoman Rice — like all Democrats — put aside personal agendas for the good of the party,” Quinn wrote in the letter to Fourth District constituents. “This moment in history is too important and the Speaker’s selection is too vital to allow petty politics to disrupt it.”

In order to get the gavel in January when Democrats retake control of the House, Pelosi will need to receive a majority on the floor. With no Republicans likely to vote in the top Democrat’s favor, she can only afford to lose around 17 Democratic votes.

In her letter, Quinn warned that the Democratic hold-outs could “create chaos” and give “Republicans an opportunity to have significant influence over who the next Speaker of the House is.”

Pelosi (D-Calif.) became the first female House Speaker in 2007, but had to hand over the gavel to then-Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) four years later, following massive midterm gains by the GOP that then-President Barack Obama called a “shellacking” of his party.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also been active in pushing for Pelosi to take back the speakership.