‘Gotham’s Cameron Monaghan: Jeremiah’s Arc This Season Will Give Fans A ‘Sense Of Finality’


Jeremiah’s back on the Feb. 21 episode of Gotham, and he’s going to put on quite a show. He returns and organizes a recreation of Bruce’s parents to really get under Bruce’s skin. Jeremiah and Bruce will come together for the jaw-dropping showdown fans have been waiting for. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Cameron Monaghan at the Fox TCA All-Star Party about this major episode and what it means to be able to complete Jeremiah’s arc. “Episode 507 ‘Ace Chemicals’ is one of the biggest for my character this season. We see a culmination of the arc of what’s been building up with Jeremiah for the entire season,” Cameron told HollywoodLife. “It’s great. I think it’s a very solid entry into what we’ve done. It has a lot of iconic imagery from the comics that I think people will be very excited about. There was a little bit of a looming question overhead at the end of last season: would we get to return? To be able to return and have this episode and one other episode to fully wrap up the character and the arc in a very natural progression that I much look forward to people to seeing. It really does have that sense of finality that I think the fans have earned. It really is merited.”

Cameron entered the Gotham universe in season one, playing Jeremiah’s brother, Jerome. His characters have become instant fan favorites over the course of Gotham’s five season run. There are so many layers to Jeremiah and Jerome, which has been a treat for Cameron to explore. “It’s wild. It’s very strange to reinvent something and then reinvent as many times as we’ve done,” Cameron continued. “It has deepened my understanding of my craft of what I want to do and what I could do as an actor. By being forced into these places where it was a bit of a challenge, to be taken a little bit off guard… instead of being frustrated by it, I used it as a jumping of point to then continue to explore and grow.”