Isaac Mizrahi returns to Cafe Carlyle for cabaret show


Your purse might just get a shout-out at Isaac Mizrahi’s new cabaret show, “Isaac Mizrahi: Queen Size,” at Cafe Carlyle through Feb. 16.

In his previous show, “a woman was sitting in the front row and there was literally no room for her Hermès clutch, so she just put it on the stage,” Mizrahi says with a laugh. “It became a focus of the show!” The designer-turned-crooner was less thrilled when his 2006 gaffe — in which he playfully grabbed Scarlett Johansson’s bust during a red-carpet interview — was rehashed during this year’s Golden Globes coverage.

“Honestly, can you correlate the #MeToo thing with this?” he asks. “I can’t. I apologized at the time, but then it continued. And why, when you have others doing so much worse stuff?”