‘Married At First Sight’ Recap: Luke Nearly Gets Kicked Off the Show


Someone’s in trouble! Luke got chewed out by the experts for disrespecting his wife during the Tuesday, January 29, episode of Married At First SightOpens a New Window.. The couples moved in together this week, which was a big change for the show’s format. However, the experts provided the couples with a neutral space to live in before decision day.

After Luke said he felt “repulsed and dead inside” after kissing Kate, the experts were furious. Pastor Cal went over to their house to really let Luke know it was not OK.

“In all my time at Married At First Sight and in all the couples that I’ve dealt with and consoled, I’ve never heard anyone say something so vile to their spouse,” Pastor Cal said. “If you can’t turn it around, respect this woman, be the man that I’m expecting you to be, you need to get the heck up out of here.”

Luke said he thought their marriage was fixable and didn’t want to give up. He also felt horrible when he realized how bad he made Kate feel.

“I’m worried that if it’s already like this so soon, is it going to get worse and how bad is it going to get?” Kate said. “If I was dating and someone said that to me, I would’ve just left, but we’re married so I’m trying to understand where that came from.”

AJ Loses His Temper

AJ started to show that he really can get angry easily, and that scared Stephanie. When they were moving and she politely asked if they should pack one of his works of art on the walls, he was set off for no particular reason.

“We need a discussion about what actually is going to go. I’m not just going to decide on the fly what I’m going to rip out of here because I still come here everyday,” he said. “I’m going to walk in here and want to blow my brains out cause it’s so empty.”

Stephanie explained that when he got upset, she just wanted to try to make him happy, but admitted it makes her extremely uncomfortable.

“I just wish he could work it out in a better more constructive way,” she said. “He can be happy really fast and then all of the sudden he’ll get frustrated and he’ll just not talk or he’ll get angry. I want this to work out so bad but I’m realizing living together is going to be more of an adjustment than we thought.”