Mars One claims the mission lives on, despite being broke


Hey, remember that terrible Mars mission startup that just officially died because it totally ran out of money and it wasn’t even close to doing anything meaningful? Well, good(?) news! It’s back and it apparently found someone that’s willing to part with a whole heap of cash to fund its ongoing existence.

In a new press release — the first official word from the company since July 2018, by the way — Mars One Ventures confirms reports that it has hit bankruptcy, while noting that it has a month to figure out how to drag itself out of its grave. As luck would have it, an unnamed investor has materialized to save the day.

A portion of the press release explains what the company has been doing lately, which has very little to do with traveling to Mars:The company goes on to explain that it’s going to “redirect its focus” and attempt to actually make good on its claims of a manned Mars mission. The idea all along has been to turn this incredible challenge into a reality TV show which the company would then make money on via licensing.

It’s a flimsy business model at best, but Mars One Ventures says its new investor is willing to carry the company’s financial burden while it turns its dreams into reality.The “new investor” will apparently hold a press conference on March 6, at which point the details of the relaunch will be explained.