Martha Stewart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Zac Posen and other celebs on their holiday wish lists


“I would love to get a pair of leather jeans from Shari’s Place on Lexington. To give: My stylish and durable canvas tote bags are the perfect travel companion. I don’t go anywhere without mine.”

Stewart needs little introduction as the O.G. domestic diva. A successful businesswoman, media mogul and TV personality, she is also a veritable virtuoso of holiday food, style and decorating.

“I’m giving this to all my girlfriends! The print is so fun and joyful and — unlike the fine-bone china collection — this new Everyday Friendship collection is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy and practical to use day to day.”

Kerr was the first Australian Victoria’s Secret model and has starred in many campaigns and runways since. She’s also a beauty mogul with her own brand of organic skincare products: KORA Organics.

“In our family we have a tradition of giving three gift sets — one for your mind (travel books) , one for your body (this backpack with a Zara portfolio and Nike sneakers) and one for your heart (a donation to World Vision).”