Microsoft Excel Crash Course It, Land Job$$$ Become a Spreadsheet Master!!!


The world needs number-crunchers, and if you’re up to the task — and up for fat savings — we can help you nail down one of the most crucial programs for just that … Microsoft Excel.

Yes … it’s the one Microsoft software you ALWAYS skip over — that green icon is daunting, we know — but it’s time to roll up your sleeves and learn it, ’cause if you want a J-O-B in anything that touches data … Excel’s pretty much a prerequisite to get through the door.

That’s where this sweet deal comes in … also known as The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle — which, as the name suggests, will get you Excel accredited.

What does that mean? You can add it to your resume and tout Excel use as a skill you’ve been certified in. Normally, that might cost upwards of $1,000 at a business or trade school.

With us … it’s just $34.

Here’s what that petty cash gets you … 30 hours of Excel knowledge spread out of over 6 courses that get more advanced as you work through them. The package teaches you how to format spreadsheets, data entry, and how to create shortcut functions, but that’s just to start.

As you ease into the more advanced courses, you’ll be able to create graphs and charts, pivot tables, power queries … and on and on, which’ll help you better present your figures.

It’s all stuff you need to know if you want a career in finance, tech … pretty much anything important these days. And, at that price, there’s no better time to become a wiz than now.

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