NASA sent mice into space and they truly thrived


At some point in the not-so-distant future, NASA and other space groups around the world will begin embarking on manned missions deeper into our solar system than our species has ever gone before. That means long journeys and extended stays in microgravity for the astronauts who embark on them and that could pose a problem.

Thanks to the International Space Station we know quite a bit about the effects of low gravity on the human body, but NASA wants to learn more. To that end, the agency has been studying how other species deal with low gravity, specifically focusing on mice. The results are equal parts interesting and humorous.

As NASA explains in a new blog post, scientists sent a specially designed mouse habitat module to the International Space Station along with some of the furry little rodents. The enclosure allowed researchers to study the behavior of the mice remotely from Earth via video feeds and now we get to enjoy those videos for ourselves.