Podcasts for Dummies Mic Check 1, 2 … Get Your Bright Idea on Audio, Deal?


Starting a podcast is WAY more than hitting record and talking — it’s an art … and fortunately for you, we got a way to help ya turn into a Michelangelo of audio.

While it might seem everyone and their grandmother has a podcast these days, that doesn’t mean all of them are good. And, you definitely don’t have to fall in that category if you wanna start one, ’cause we got an offer that’ll elevate yours above the competition.

It’s called The Start-to-Finish Guide to Launching a Successful Podcast Bundle — and through us, the complete 9-course online plan will cost you just a smidge below $50.

This bundle includes all the technical lessons you’d expect from a beginner’s guide, like basics of audio engineering (including how to integrate audio plugins to mix voiceovers), as well as creating intros and outros, and what equipment you’ll need to buy/software to use.

There’s more … the crash course entails specific lessons like “Putting Yourself Out There” — to put your own spin and personality to best use — and it’ll also give you a rundown on social media marketing, so you can blast your podcast out effectively on the web.

Long story short … this deal will make you go from novice to expert in the world of podcasts, and it’ll show how and where to put your new project for maximum results.

Also, you’ll have access to it literally forever. Sold yet? Think it over here, get back us …

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