Scientists discover type of matter that could rewrite the textbooks


A bizarre new form of matter has been discovered by physicists and it’s not a solid, liquid or gas.

Researchers in Scotland used artificial intelligence to confirm the new substance, which could rewrite textbooks and change what we know about basic science.

A spokesperson for the University of Edinburgh said:“The discovery is important because matter usually exists in one of three states — solid, liquid or gas. It is extraordinary to find atoms in more than one state at the same time.”

The new type of matter discovered is both solid and liquid at the same time.

Study co-author Andreas Hermann described the substance like “holding a sponge filled with water that starts dripping out, except the sponge is also made of water.”

The matter is made from an unusual state of potassium and could exist deep under the Earth’s crust where extremely hot conditions would enable it to remain in its unusual form.