‘Survivor’ Castoff Jeremy Crawford Claims Married Angelina Keeley Had a Showmance With John Hennigan


Jeremy Crawford just dropped a bombshell. The latest Survivor: David vs. Goliath castoff blames Angelina Keeley for their tribe’s vote to send him home — and his reason is surprising.

“Angelina was over doing something with John [Hennigan] and we all knew they were in a showmance, but we didn’t talk about it much,” the attorney, 40, tells Us Weekly. “I made a flippant comment one time. Never mentioned it [otherwise]. Somebody took it to her and she brought it back to me, and I tried to smooth it over, but it was too close to tribal.”

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Crawford alleges that Keeley, 28, “didn’t want to be considered in a showmance” because she got married months before joining the season 37 cast.

“I had mentioned it in what she thought was on camera,” he says. “She went into ‘get him out’ mode.”

Read more of Us Weekly’s interview with Crawford below.

John Hennigan and Angelina Keeley compete on ’Survivor.’ David M. Russell/CBS
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Us: Why do you think you went home?
JC: I had no alliance. I was not the strongest person out there. I was talking to Mike [White], but you never saw a clip of me talking strategic to anybody. And nobody talked about Dan [Rengering]’s idol until 15 or 30 minutes before tribal. I started scrambling because I knew something was going on. I didn’t know that Angelina was doing it for that purpose. I thought that the girls were trying to get a guy out so they could do an all-girls alliance. So I was like, “Let me try to get Dan out.” If you’re gonna try to get a guy out, it better not be me. And so, I told them that. But it wasn’t like I was playing a very hard, fast game. I talked to Mike about strategy constantly. I didn’t have anybody else to talk to.

Us: Who did you tell right before tribal that Dan had an idol?
JC: Anybody with ears. The only person I couldn’t get to was John.

Us: Did you have any relationship with John at all?
JC: No. John is a very quiet person. I had a relationship with everybody, but John is very quiet. But he’s the nicest man you’ll ever meet.

Us: A lot of people did not like Natalie [Cole]. Why do you think the vote switched to you?
JC: It had nothing to do with Natalie, in my opinion. It was all about me.

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Us: What tipped you off before you guys left for tribal?
JC: I knew from the beginning that it was going to be me and Natalie, but what tipped me off was the way the girls were acting. … Natalie wanted to get Alison [Raybould] out because she thought Alison was the biggest strategic threat. I was like, “I’ll go for that if you can get the support.”

Us: Are you and Natalie good now?
JC: No, we would never be friends in real life. But I don’t have a problem with her.

Us: What about Angelina?
JC: I won’t probably have a relationship with Angelina because I didn’t like the gameplay. I think the way she went about it, saying, “Vote this person out, but don’t say anything,” it puts the game in jeopardy.

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Us: In terms of the moment where you thought there were too many side conversations, do you think you approached that the right way?
JC: Yeah. It was three days before the next elimination. We weren’t sure if we were going to have a tribe swap. If we did have a tribe swap, we needed everybody to stay strong and not go to the other side and pick people off. And there were side conversations, whether everybody was having them or not, it was enough to say, “OK, they’re starting that.” And we didn’t have an elimination for a few days. Immediately after that conversation, everybody went back to the same Goliath that we were before and we had a good time.

Us: Who do you feel most betrayed by?
JC: Angelina. Everybody else, I understood what they did. Everybody else, it made sense.

Us: So you understand why Mike went with the group?
JC: Mike, Natalia [Azoqa] and I were the last people to know. … By the time it got down to them, I don’t think they even had a choice. The numbers were not going to be on their side, so either they were going to create an alliance based on my eviction, which was stupid, or they were just going to go with the vote. Generally, you don’t have those kind of Big Brother votes in Survivor. That was a Big Brother vote. “We gon’ do what the house says.” That never happens in Survivor.