Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Kicked Off 2020 With Romantic Getaway In Maldives: They ‘Looked Very Much In Love’


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn rang in 2020 with plenty of romance, according to super fan and British singer Matthew Crane.

Taylor Swift, 30, and boyfriend Joe Alwyn, 28, made sure to have a romantic entrance into 2020. The couple took a New Year’s trip to the remote and gorgeous Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean, 27-year-old British singer Matthew Crane told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Matthew was performing at a resort in the Maldives on Dec. 31, when Taylor and Joe arrived by boat and attended his show. He initially posted about it on his Instagram account, calling them “friendly and kind.” But we also spoke to Matthew EXCLUSIVELY and he gave HollywoodLife.com more details about the magical night and how in love his famous audience members looked.

“I was hired by an agency to perform at the resort on New Year’s Eve, and Taylor and Joe were staying at the resort as guests. It was by chance that I met them and sung to them. I was singing on the beach (on the sand overlooking the sunset) and the guests would arrive by boat as I was singing. Taylor, Joe and her friends arrived last,” he told us. “Taylor and Joe were there with their friends having a private holiday. I performed for 1 hour and 45 minutes overall. Taylor, Joe and her friends were there for the last 40 minutes of my set. Taylor and Joe both said, ‘You seriously have an amazing, powerful voice, keep going, you will go far.’ They both gave me a standing ovation when I sung my last song, ‘Let Me Try Again’ by Frank Sinatra. They were so kind and so sweet,” Matthew revealed.

“They were holding hands, laughing, chatting, sometimes looked at each other lovingly and appeared very much in love. They were sitting at a bench table while I was singing, and they were eating, drinking and chatting. Taylor was wearing a beautiful sequin knee-length black dress which covered her arms, with no shoes. Joe was wearing a white shirt and dark navy cotton trousers/pants”, he continued. “I was there when Taylor and Joe were present as the countdown to midnight happened. There were fireworks in the distance. Taylor, Joe and her friends were upstairs at the VIP rooftop bar, dancing and enjoying the night until 1am in the morning when they left. Taylor and Joe were walking around the main event at South Beach where they were enjoying the different delicacies and cuisines that were in different stalls, including Thai, English, Italian and French food”.

“I also spoke to Taylor’s BFF Abigail Anderson. She and her husband both shook my hand, and Abigail said, ‘What an amazing voice you have, just wow. You’re very talented.’ It was an amazing experience, definitely one that I won’t ever forget and that I will treasure. Its like being in a dream, except that I was awake and it was real. Thank you Taylor and Joe for being so kind to me,” Matthew further told us.

While Taylor and Joe were on the other side of the world for New Year’s, they made it back to the states to attend the Jan. 5 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. Taylor was nominated for Best Original Song for “Beautiful Ghosts” from Cats (but lost). The cameras, during the ceremony, kept cutting away to the couple cozied up together at their table, and they looked so adorable together. It wasn’t the same romantic setting as the Maldives, but it’s obvious that Taylor and Joe can’t hide their love for each other, no matter where they are.

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