Team Ruff and Team Fluff face off at the annual Puppy Bowl


These precious pups fought tooth and bone for the Lombarky Trophy.

In the cutest part of Superbowl LIII Sunday, 36 adorable and adoptable puppies duked it out for the top prize in the 15th annual Puppy Bowl game, captivating canine and human audiences alike.

Flanked by Kangaroo cheerleaders and watched over by Shirley, the sloth umpire, pups on Team Fluff and Team Ruff tumbled, pranced and chased chew toys across a mini-football field in the Geico Puppy Bowl Stadium.

And Team Ruff beat out Team Fluff 59-51.

Pets across the country were rapt.

“I wish you guys understood how much my dog likes watching the #puppybowl,” added Florida TV reporter Karla Ray.

There was something for cat lovers too. Performers in the Kitty Halftime Show were the “Purr-one 5 with Adam Feline.”