The Lion King Director Jon Favreau Promises It’ll Surprise Audiences


The Lion King has a tough job balancing expectations ahead of its July release. On one hand, some fans like the heavy nostalgia factor. They like the recognizable scenes. They don’t want many changes. On the other hand, why bother remaking The Lion King if it’s going to look so similar to the beloved 1994 movie?

So now it’s director Jon Favreau’s job to convince everybody that The Lion King movie he’s making is exactly the one they’ll want:

Jon Favreau told USA Today the humor has been updated from the original animated movie, but the iconic moments are still there. He reiterated that it won’t be a shot-for-shot remake.

That was a concern of some fans after the first “Circle of Life” teaser came out. Shortly after that, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures production chief Sean Bailey explained how the computer-animated Lion King wouldn’t just repeat the past: