Twitter Goes Crazy After Kris Jenner Surprises Granddaughter Stormi Webster With A HUGE Playhouse!


It must be nice to live like this…

Stormi Webster has a brand new playhouse to call her very own, thanks to grand-momager Kris Jenner, who surprised the 22-month-old girl with an incredible Christmas present this week. Judging by what we can see on video, this thing is truly next-level!

Kylie Jenner shared a look at the incredible gift in her most recent YouTube vlog, where even the 22-year-old makeup mogul herself is brought to tears by her 64-year-old mother’s incredible idea for a gift! You can see the entire thing go down (below), with Kris first revealing the surprise to Kylie at about the 3:15 mark, and then Stormi walking out to see her new play place at the 5:00 mark:

Two thoughts: awwww, and holy s**t!!

First off, it’s so sweet Kris wanted to give Kylie a special thing to share with her daughter, just as Kris and Kylie themselves shared when the youngest KarJenner was growing up! No wonder there are tears all around!

And second, the size of that house… holy moly! That thing is bigger than most of the apartments you’ll find in El Lay! LOLz!!!

Fortunately, we weren’t the only ones amazed (and amused?) at the absurdity of the whole thing. As they always do about pretty much everything, Twitter users went CRAZY over Stormi’s larger-than-life playhouse, bringing out the memes and reaction GIFs like you wouldn’t believe!

“Kris Jenner bought Stormi a HOUSE for Christmas,” one Twitter user wrote, adding a sarcastic smiley face before finishing, “I love my life struggling to buy a f**king piece of makeup for my mom.”

Another Twitter user pointed out the square footage in this playhouse, saying “Stormi’s house is bigger than some apartments in London.”

A third just blatantly asked for what we all want (below):

“Stormi got a whole ass house before the age of 2. @KylieJenner can you adopt me”

Oh noooo!

Other Twitter reactions included the following (below):

Kay, Stormi, you’re a big girl now. ❤️ It’s time we talk about landlords, tenant’s rights, and fighting the — CASSANDRA (@CassaClaire) December 23, 2019

Stormi looking at the peasants — #Sashadeservesbetter (@KellyHadAFatAss) December 23, 2019

so #stormi has a 2 story play house with air condition at 2 years old and i have 3 dollars in my wallet…. child anyways so — jaylin (@dahyunswifeyy) December 23, 2019

Me as a 2 year old pretending to live in a 2 story house in my parents living room VS. Stormi 2 story house — B. (@IBaddieB) December 23, 2019


Also making waves on social media is one particular Stormi reaction in that same YouTube video (above), when she asks her mom if she’s getting a Birkin bag (they retail for $20K easily) for Christmas. Yeahhhh….

One tweeted pointed out how, “Stormi is so rich, she’s not even 2 and she knows what a Birkin is,” while another added, “I just want to be Stormi at this point.” Don’t we all!

More incredulous followers captured the video with their reactions, too:

Most kids get a mini toy house with the fake stove. Then there’s Stormi… — Boy Wonder® (@JamalG_) December 23, 2019

Another user quote-tweeted the same video clip of Stormi requesting a Birkin, and added (below):

“Jesus I hope my 1 year old child never expect no Birken [sic]. Stormi in a class of her own”


So over the top! And also so funny!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! How crazy is it that Stormi has her own life-sized playhouse already?! What a life these lovely ladies lead… Sound OFF with all your reactions in the comments (below)!!!

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