Carson Kressley Is Totally Down for a ‘Makeover-Off’ With the New ‘Queer Eye’ Cast


Carson Kressley has the perfect idea for a crossover between the old and new Queer Eye shows: a makeover-off. “We would actually be making over two houses and two different guys — it could be simultaneous” the 49-year-old told Us Weekly, riffing on the idea of getting all ten Queer Eye stars together. “Netflix, if you’re watching …”

The RuPaul’s Drag Race judge thought a crossover would not have been possible before now, since the new Fab Five needed a chance to establish their own identities. “Now I think maybe it could,” he explained of its feasibility. “It could be fun. It could be a charity thing or something. Like, why not?”

Check out the video above to hear Kressley’s thoughts on the original Queer Eye crew, including which stars of the Bravo reality show he still sees. Watch the video below to learn more about his new show with former Queer Eye costar Thom Filicia, Get a Room With Carson & Thom.