FTC slams robocall companies with massive fines


Over the past few years, spam calls have become an increasing and seemingly inescapable nuisance. In 2018 alone, a report found that the number of spam calls jumped by a whopping 325 percent. Compounding matters is that many of the scammers behind the plague of robocalls use numbers that look remarkably similar to a recipient’s own number, thus tricking unsuspecting users into answering the phone.

In an effort to alleviate this growing problem, the FTC recently got involved and issued significant fines while banning four specific companies responsible for a large volume of robocalls. All told, the four companies in question — NetDotSolutions, Higher Goals Marketing, Veterans of America and Pointbreak Media — were responsible for billions of illegal robocalls, some of which sought to coerce users to hand over money for fake charities.

In a statement on the matter, the FTC revealed that all of the aforementioned companies are now banned from engaging in telemarketing activities and are on the hook for massive fines. NetDotSolutions, for instance, was hit with a $1.35 million fine. Higher Goals Marketing, which advertised fraudulent debt relief services, was slapped with a $3.15 million fine.

Of particular interest is that the owner of NetDotSolutions, a man named James Christiano, sold his auto-dialing software to others companies that also engaged in illegal and widespread robocalling activities.