How to cut the cord and save around $360 a year


 You’ve heard about cutting the cord and saving money on your cable or satellite bill, but the idea of spending at least $40 a month for a “cable alternative” service like YouTube TV or DirecTV Now isn’t what you had in mind.

And you heard that Apple this week announced plans to launch yet another streaming service, offering movies and TV shows from the like of Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston. Perhaps now’s the time to cancel cable TV and go all in on streaming.

Let’s help you do that, with a skinflint’s guide to saving money by cutting the cord.

But first, know that the average American pays just over $100 for monthly cable, so let’s drop that considerably. To do so, you keep your internet service and watch TV from the huge array of free entertainment available online.

But first, in cutting the cord, you’ll need to inform your cable company about your decision, and they probably also provide your internet. Once you ditch cable, you’ll probably find that your internet bill will go up, since you’re no longer part of the bundle. In my case, my local cable company quoted me a rise to $70 monthly from $50 for the switch.