Shazam! 2: Why The Filmmakers May ‘Move Quickly’ On A Sequel


DC’s latest superhero blockbuster is here and it looks to be another step in the right direction for the studio once playing catch-up in the shadows of the phenomenon that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shazam! is a different kind of comic book adapted flick for the DCEU, as it centers on a 14-year-old kid’s refreshing perspective when he has incredible powers bestowed upon him.

Having a story that features a primarily young cast comes with one concern: They’re constantly growing up. That’s one reason why a sequel for Shazam! may need to come sooner rather than later. Collider asked the film’s producer Peter Safran if they’d want to jump right back in for a sequel, since the “kids” will probably look very different a year from now. Here’s Safran’s response:

Per his comments, you can’t exactly keep a story going about a kid who turns into the adult superhero played by Zachary Levi if his younger counterpart is already an adult himself. Asher Angel, who plays young teen Billy Batson in Shazam!, is already 16-years-old right now. So if the studio waits even two years to give the sequel a greenlight, he’ll already be inching on adulthood by the time filming gets underway.