Susan Kelechi Watson Sheds Light on This Is Us’ Annie and Deja Mystery


The This Is Us Opens a New Window. mysteries just keep coming. While season 3’s finale revealed that Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson Opens a New Window. ) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown Opens a New Window. ) end up working through their issues and stay together in the future, the fates of other characters were still up the air.

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The flash forward scenes showed the couple with daughter Tess – but not Annie or their adopted daughter Deja, causing many fans to wonder where they were.

“I’m not telling you! You’re trying to make me lose my job, I can’t tell you where Deja and Annie are,” Watson, 37, joked to Us Weekly at the Tisch School of the Arts gala on Monday, April 8. “Here’s the thing and this is the truth. You see snippets of moments, and so, just in this moment, you see Tess walk in and she’s been the one struggling with going. But it’s not the end of the moment, so we kind of have to wait and see where the rest of the characters are.”

Another big question viewers had after the finale was about location. It appeared that Beth went from her studio, right to Kevin’s house. So, was he living in Philadelphia? Or did she have a studio in Los Angeles?

“I think that was in California or New York,” Watson told Us.

As for the ups and downs that Beth and Randall have gone through, Watson always knew they would come out on top. “It’s funny, we kept telling the audience from season one that they’ll never get divorced [and]nobody believed us,” she said.Of course, many more questions still need answers. Kate (Chrissy Metz Opens a New Window. ) was nowhere to be seen on the finale and her status with Toby (Chris Sullivan) is still up in the air. Kevin (Justin Hartley Opens a New Window. ) has a son – but the mother has not been revealed. Plus, Rebeca (Mandy Moore) is very old and sick but Miguel (Jon Huertas) was not part of the flash-forward. Instead, at her side was Jack’s brother, Nicky (Griffin Dunne).