The Amazing Race’s Rachel and Elissa Are Literally Willing to Do Anything to Win: ‘We’re Both Shaving Our Heads’


They’re back … and this time together. Big Brother fan favorite sisters Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater are one of the 11 reality star teams competing for $1 million on this season of The Amazing Race.

While Rachel is no stranger to the trek — she competed on seasons 20 and 24 with husband Brendan — Elissa has been dying to get on the Emmy-winning series for as long as she can remember. “I was freaking out because I have always wanted to do the Race and I campaigned for my husband to try out with me,” she exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I have asked all my friends. Everyone. So I wanted to do the Race really badly for a long time. … It was seriously a dream of mine.”“And I think that this is really fun because I did Big Brother first and then Elissa did Big Brother, but we never really got to compete on anything together,” Rachel adds. “And Elissa and I are so close and it was so crazy when she was doing Big Brother. I felt like I was in there with her, but already getting to compete with her on a show is a totally different story.”

As they tell Us, “When the Reilly sisters are involved, things get a little crazy.” Below, Rachel and Elissa explain just how far they’ll go to make it to that finish line.

Us Weekly: We’ve seen you both compete separately, but it must be fun to finally do something together.

Elissa: Exactly. I think people will get really excited. The fans are already so excited to see that we’re posting about it, that we’re doing it together, and I think people are going to get even more excited when they actually see us racing together. Because I think we do have a really fun dynamic and it’s so different. I think it’s going to be just a totally different Rachel that people aren’t even ready for.