Why Captain Marvel Changed Annette Bening’s Role From Male To Female


Captain Marvel is finally out theaters and it looks like it’ll be a healthy opening weekend for the MCU’s latest. Fans seeing the movie this weekend finally got the long awaited answers to some questions, including the true identity of Annette Bening’s character. She was previously confirmed to play the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree, but there’s an extra twist to her character — or should I say characters.

Annette Bening also plays Wendy Lawson, otherwise known as a Kree named Mar-Vell, the character who most inspires Carol Danvers. In the comics, Mar-Vell is a man (Walter Lawson) who goes by the superhero name Captain Marvel and is a love interest of Carol. Marvel Studios decided to flip the genders for the role, and Kevin Feige shed some light on why they decided to take that route.

As Kevin Feige told ET, it sounds like they were originally bringing Annette Bening on board to only play the Supreme Intelligence. In the film, the S.I. is the AI leader of Kree and takes the form of the person most admired by whoever it’s speaking to. Co-director Anna Boden had the idea that Carol’s vision should be of Mar-Vell. Thus Mar-Vell would also have to be played by Bening.