You can officially buy clothes, shoes, makeup without leaving the app


Online shopping (and impulse buying) is about to get more convenient, thanks to Instagram.

The social-networking website launched in-app purchases on Tuesday, so shoppers in the U.S. can buy merch from more than 20 brands without ever leaving the app.

For example, if you see an ad or post from a retailer like H&M and want to buy the clothes the model is wearing, you can decide to purchase the product straight from your Timeline.

Traditionally, you’d have to go through the extra step of visiting a brand’s website or app and entering your payment information there to place an order.

Well, not anymore.

“Checkout is just one part of our long-term investment in shopping,” Instagram said in a blog post. “We’re excited to introduce even more ways for people to enjoy shopping on Instagram this year.”

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The app, which is home to some of the world’s most elite fashion influencers, designers, models and beauty-product companies, will keep a small cut of the sale for facilitating the purchase, and it’s partnering with PayPal to process the payments.

For now, users can shop from Adidas, H&M, Zara, Warby Parker, Revolve, Uniqlo, Kylie Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics. More brands will be joining in the coming months.

The move means that you don’t have to navigate across several retail apps to buy products. It may also mean that you can delete some brands’ apps from your phone entirely.